About YarpWarSongs

The Most High God, Yahuah, calls me to pray in these last days. So, I do. Hence, the name Yarp is just Pray backwards, a way to identify. Yarp is word for speed and that's how quick a prayer reaches God/Yahuah! War is used because we are in a war to reveal the truth to whomever cares, and that goes against spiritual powers ruling over authorities that intentionally suppress truth so we can be manipulated and used as a national resource and commodity for profit. This war is not of flesh and blood, but with evil entities who now populate the earth, its' skies, and underground, who consider us disposable material. I consider it a privilege He puts songs of deliverance and proclamations of His Will in my being and all I have to do is be available night and day to let it pour from my being and out for all witnesses. I battle evil fallen angels, I make orgone, I intercede for others. I study & research a lot. My husband was an early experimental victim back in the 70's, DUAB MK Ultra and GodVoice experiments. This destroyed his mind, soul, and by 50 he was dead of cancer, no longer needed. It was always the LOVE that the controllers most feared and when husband ever tried to break free. Same with children and parents/family bonds, they are afraid of the LOVE, do everything to prevent and corrupt it, thus destroying people. I'm so thankful for the internet because I can research and learn and find others of my kind who are survivors who have paid dearly while keeping their souls uncorrupted. If and when I go down, it won't be screaming and begging, nor selling my soul for bread. I will not worship the beast, nor take his mark. My pleasures are tending the animals, painting/sewing/glass mosaics, singing songs, cleaning the house and helping others. I like watching the skies and relaying what I've learned. There's always a spiral notebook in which I quickly jot events & observations of the day, what I think & feel, stuff I'm dealing with. I love country living and cannot abide city life. My heart is often sad over the hate, death, abuse, slavery, loss of beauty, corruption of the innocents and blindness everywhere worsening. The evil ones and the corrupt system has stolen some of my loved ones from me. When I dealt with CPS, even though they admitted the caller was wrong in accusation, they held on like bull dogs with a bone. Looked and treated me with open sarcasm and contempt. Their report was really weird, making an issue about how clean my house was, then I must be compulsive. And my bookcase, that had lots of classics, science, art, history books, but in report only mentioned the (ooohhh) Christian books. System has harder time controlling people who believe and know who they are and people with strong loving, trusting, respectful bonds. Enough of this, just trying to share some background. These events are by no means the sum total of our fuller lives over the years and we survive, are stronger and not so easy to manipulate any more! Have heart, know who you are and improve your self ongoing. LOVE is the POWER, the KEY to everything. All that exists is because of Love.

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